How breast liposuction is conducted:

While the procedure for breast reduction generally follows the same steps as other types of liposuction, breast reduction typically uses microcannulas, meaning the entry holes — called adits — are extremely small (only about the diameter of a toothpick).  Adits are so small that they heal with virtually no visible scar whatsoever, with 8 to 12 adits typically placed in a random pattern on each breast.  To keep breasts uniform in size, the exact amount of fat removed is weighed, with each breast treated precisely the same.  In the event that the breasts are noticeably different in size beforehand, different amounts of fat may be removed from each to create symmetry.  Breast liposuction procedures can vary in duration from 1 to 3 hours depending on the size of the breasts.  Small and pendulous breasts often require less time as they contain the least amount of fat.

Problems typically corrected with Breast Liposuction:

Liposuction of the breasts can produce both a significant breast reduction (by more than 50% of original size) and a noticeable breast lift.  This procedure is typically sought by women with oversized or pendulous breasts to alleviate chronic back and neck pain, difficulty finding clothes that fit, or simply to make their breasts (and themselves) look and feel more attractive.  Other problems commonly alleviated by this procedure is the constant pressure from bra straps cutting into the shoulders (or inability to find a properly-fitting bra), and Candida yeast infections to which women with large breasts are predisposed (manifesting between and beneath the breasts).  Additionally, women with two different sized breasts can use liposuction to make them more symmetrical.

Breast lipo is also gaining popularity with men suffering gynecomastia (“man boobs”) or men wanting to reduce the size of their breast tissue after weight loss.

Cost of Breast Liposuction
Breasts, female$3,000 – $7,500
Breasts, male$3,000 – $5,000

Relative popularity of breast liposuction:

According to 2013 statistics, liposuction of the breasts (female) constitutes nearly 50% of all liposuction procedures performed in the US.