Liposuction in Dubai soars during school holidays

The number of liposuction procedures performed in Dubai on children peaks in the summertime, with some children having treatments to avoid being bullied because of their look.

“We generally see more children throughout the summertime because that is when they’re off school,” one liposuction specialist commented.

One liposuction clinic in Dubai has performed liposuction on boys as young as 14. “We are seeing an increase obesity in children because their parents allow them to have fast food,” said the clinic’s owner, Dr Max Sawaf.

“Not only do they get fat, but the oestrogens from the fat can make boys develop breasts (a condition also known as gynecomastia).”

Overweight children, and boys in particular begin shying away from participating in athletics and from wearing tight fitting cloths, such as t-shirts. “While we would prefer them to slim down naturally, it is very difficult once they grow those boobs. Liposuction is more prevalent than you would believe.”

Counsellors have raised concerns over potential emotional difficulties. “It teaches children or reinforces their belief that there is some thing wrong with them. It validates the bullies and teaches them that others can dictate how they feel about themselves.”

“It also gives youngsters the message that parents do not have enough time to help them develop self-confidence and a good self image, or to learn how to protect themselves and be emotionally stable,” a doctor said.

Liposuction fat cells used for stem cell treatment

Scientists have found that human fat extracted through liposuction comprises more stem cells than any other tissue within your body.

And not just any average stem cells. These cells actually should have the capacity to develop kidney — any portion of your own body — because it is embryonic.

Those stem cells in fat extracted through liposuction can now be kept for future use.

Most adult stem cells have the capability to revive themselves, but cannot become any cell type. They’re also prone to dying after transplantation. One variety, however, called multilineage distinguishing anxiety enduring cells, or muse cells for brief, appears to prevent these difficulties. Isolated from skin tissue and bone marrow, they had the ability to self – renew and differentiate into all types of cells and helped to mend damaged tissue in animal tests. Promisingly, they didn’t form tumours.

The problem is the fact that muse cells have hitherto proved tricky to get and use. Until, that is, scientists realised that fat (or “adipose”) tissue extracted during stomach liposuction is a copious supply of them.

Tests were conducted to differentiate them into bone, muscle, fat, heart, brain and liver cells. Encouragingly, they also revealed patterns of gene expression indicating they were unlikely to form tumors. Dr Chazenbalk has yet to transplant these cells into creatures, although the cells’ ability to boom under pressure makes them a great candidate.

Physicians extract the fat in an hour-long liposuction procedure done under local anesthesia. Individuals do not even must go through a complete liposuction procedure to really get the number of fat needed to stem cells. A small number will do.

It’s really a small amount of fat – 20 CC’s – which essentially is less than a shot glass. The fat is subsequently delivered to a stem cell called Adicyte.

It costs about $ 2, 000 to prepare and express the stem cells for bank. After that, it is $120 a year to keep the stem cells.