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Liposuction in Dubai soars during school holidays

The number of liposuction procedures performed in Dubai on children peaks in the summertime, with some children having treatments to avoid being bullied because of their look. “We generally see more children throughout the summertime because that is when they’re off school,” one liposuction specialist commented. One liposuction clinic in Dubai has performed liposuction on […]

Liposuction fat cells used for stem cell treatment

Scientists have found that human fat extracted through liposuction comprises more stem cells than any other tissue within your body. And not just any average stem cells. These cells actually should have the capacity to develop kidney — any portion of your own body — because it is embryonic. Those stem cells in fat extracted […]

Surgeons advocate tighter control of liposuction in Connecticut

Connecticut plastic surgeons are meeting at the state Capitol complex in Hartford to advocate passage of the bill addressing security at medical spas. They are holding a Tuesday news conference to emphasize the importance of patient safety requirements at medical spas, that offer a variety of surgical and nonsurgical cosmetic services including liposuction and Botox […]

State Legislators consider tightening rules for Liposuction in New Jersey

New Jersey lawmakers are mulling a proposition that would limit the operation of liposuction procedures in New Jersey to ASCs, hospitals and accredited office based facilities. While cosmetic surgeons say the legislation is needed to guard patient safety, dermatologists working outside of non-accredited offices accuse the surgeons of trying to protect their business and create […]

Liposuction still thriving in Greece, despite economic woes

More people are having cosmetic surgery in disaster wracked Greece than in almost any other nation on the planet. The rationale? It might come down to just wanting to look and feel better in the face of financial difficulty. Based on Germany’s DerSpegel newspaper, in 2011, 142,394 aesthetic procedures were done in the nation of […]

Liposuction in Maryland set for tighter regulation

Maryland is moving to strengthen laws on the fast-growing medspa industry — a shift developed to narrow a “loophole” and stop fatalities including one last year following a liposuction treatment at a Timonium, Md facility. Laws being discussed by state officials might bar plastic surgeons from performing liposuction and other procedures in medspas and health-related […]

Regular exercise after liposuction shown to keep fat off

A new study by researchers from the University of Sao Paulo in Brazil suggests that liposuction patients can succeed in keeping slim by taking regular exercise and eating a balanced diet, after the procedure. The study was designed to test the hypothesis that patients could be susceptible to regaining fat after liposuction, and that any […]

France considers introduction of liposuction tax

France, with a newly elected Socialist President, and under pressure to address its huge budget deficit, is considering the introduction of a tax on liposuction and other cosmetic surgery procedures. Up until now, there has been no TVA, or Sales Tax on medical procedures. However, the new French government, under Francois Hollande, is considering changing […]

How much does Liposuction cost?

The cost of your liposuction procedure will generally be determined by three factors: the area of the body to be treated, the anesthesiologist’s services, and the cost of the surgical facility where the procedure will be conducted. Our handy guide will give you a rough idea of the costs involved. …. read more ….