State Legislators consider tightening rules for Liposuction in New Jersey

New Jersey lawmakers are mulling a proposition that would limit the operation of liposuction procedures in New Jersey to ASCs, hospitals and accredited office based facilities.

While cosmetic surgeons say the legislation is needed to guard patient safety, dermatologists working outside of non-accredited offices accuse the surgeons of trying to protect their business and create a restricted market.

For many years, dermatologists have been offering laser liposuction in New Jersey from office practices, based on a recent report. Plastic surgeons support the planned limitations due to concerns that more cosmetic cases will migrate from licensed facilities, where certification and their more extensive training ensure a higher level of patient safety.

The dermatologists answer that NJ’s current regulations are sufficient to safeguard patients, particularly since the office based practices just use local anesthesia, not the higher risk general anesthetic alternative. Plus, they notice, their prices to patients are even lower than ASCs’.

The Health and Senior Services Committee of New Jersey’s general assembly published its most recent version of the bill at the end of last year. The state senate’s Health, Human Services and Senior Citizens Committee issued an accompanyin bill last week.

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